Join the Lightning Speed Fitness Affiliate Program

By joining my affiliate program, you'll currently be earning a big 50% commission.

The Lightning Speed Fitness Program is a hot seller. It will be easy for you to make sales to your fitness and weight-loss conscious customers. Where else can you get an unlimited number of bodyweight exercises that can be done just about anywhere, lifetime fitness coaching via our member's only forum for about half the price of just one session with a personal trainer?

Please contact me via email if you want to run a special promotion I did recently that made me a boatload of sales. I have a special couple of emails that I sent out to my subscribers that caused a stampede of sales.

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Another Winning Strategy:

You can take any of the messages I send to prospective customers in the autoresponder series and either put them up as articles on your website, or broadcast a particular message to your email list. Or create your own autoresponder with those messages.

All you need to do is to put in your own affiliate links in the articles. These articles are available via signing up for the free reports on the main page at

Plus your customers can get it instantly via download. There is no waiting.
instant satisfaction.

Nothing is guaranteed of course. How you send people over makes a big difference. It should be presold and qualified traffic.

If you provide them with an informative and exciting article about my program and your affiliate link at the end, you can expect very good results. Just use the program yourself and tell people how it has improved your sports performance, or increased your muscle size or helped you lose weight. Find as many benefits as you can to talk about. Get excited.

You can even use pay per click services like and to drive traffic to your affiliate link.

I'd suggest you add your own bonuses to increase the value of my program even more. Find a way to improve my product and you will have something unique so that you have no direct competition.

I use E-junkie for my affiliate program

The reason is simple: E-junkie is a large and reputable corporation, which is used by many companies to handle their affiliate sales.

To become an affiliate for the Lightning Speed Fitness Program you'll need to be a registered member of E-junkie. If you are not yet a member of E-junkie, it's very easy to become one. It takes only a few minutes.

You can sign up for our affiliate program which sells multiple products by clicking here and get your affiliate link code and register an ID with E-junkie if you haven't already done so.

Now, just add your affiliate link to the end of an article, solo mailing, signature file or classified ad. And add your html link to your web pages.

Contact me if you would like help promoting the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. I can provide you with articles that you can mail to your list and all you have to do is insert your affiliate link and you'll be on your way to making sales.

To Your Abundant Success,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

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